Update on the Robocraft Hack

Hey guys,

I know I wasn’t active on this blog. As a reminder, you can still find me on twitch and the robocraft forums.

Anyway, I’m writing this post as an update to one of the previous entries, since there are still people who visit this blog on occasion. One of those old entries was about a tool for Robocraft, a cheating tool to be precise 🙂

Much has changed since then, the new currency is now Robits, the old galaxy cash is completely gone, for example. There’s a brand new (well, not that new by now) tech tree, changes to weapons, matchmaking, robot building, and various new mechanics. Obviously, the old hack doesn’t work anymore, but there were a ton of different builds and versions, some of them quite recent and yes, they work. I don’t know why, but the site you could download it from before is gone. If you want it, you will have to go here.

This new Robocraft hack will let you generate Robits and get a full month of premium with just a few clicks, for free. I’ve been testing it on a new account, just in case it could be detected, but it’s still fine after more than a month. One thing to keep in mind – I don’t really use any of the other things in the hack, like speed hack, no spread etc. I only generated Robits and added premium. My suggestion, if you want to use all of the options to have some fun, is to do it on a brand new account. Because IF you overdo it and get reported by multiple people, your account will get checked manually, and a ban is very likely to follow. So, you know, for your own safety only use Robits generator and premium on your main account, and nothing else.

Personally, I really like the new changes in the game, like some robot abilities. Blinking is really cool. Cheating with it to remove the cooldown is super awesome 🙂 Although I’ve only done it once, because as I said, I don’t really use the cheaty options.

There are some things in Robocraft I feel are annoying. The progression, for example, is too slow, especially for non-premium users. It’s okay with premium and enough currency, to the point where I don’t have to use the unlimited cpu thingie or other tricks to speed it up. Of course, if you like Robocraft and can afford it, just buy premium normally. I’m well aware we do not live in the la-la land and many of us simply can’t afford to spend money on video games, but like anybody, we want a bit of entertainment in our lives. I think using a hack in such a case is a good compromise, especially if you help the developers in other ways. By that I mean talking to your friends about the game, getting them to play it, writing positive reviews and the like. These things can do wonders, much more than just buying premium.

As a final note, if you use this hack on your main account, I want to remind you not to brag about it, to anybody. Even your friends. You never know what could happen, all it takes is one report for a potential manual check. Otherwise, the hack is pretty much undetectable. Use it responsibly and most of all – have fun!