Robocraft updates – August 2014

Changes to Railguns

One of the coolest updates, imo. I know Railgun users will probably get more furstrated, hah, but I’m a plasma person myself, so getting reduced to dust by a barrage of 6+ rail shots was just not cool.

Anyway, the updates are as follows:

  • The Rails become even more sniper-like – you can’t fire all of them at once with the same accuracy. Firing even once will reduce it for a short time. Moving the camera, and so moving the guns themselves, will also reduce accuracy for 2 seconds.
  • You can now press “R” to reload, or press the mouse wheel, so if you fired just one gun you can reload it right away, which of course takes shorter than reloading all of them.

New game mechanic – Spotting

This new system should encourage more team play, while at the same time allowing you to be more stealthy if that’s your play style.

  • By putting your crosshair over an enemy and pressing “Q” you can spot them, which will display a red tag over them for the next 15 seconds. If you miss with your spot, you will have to wait 5 seconds before using it again.
  • Being the first to spot an enemy will give you an RP bonus.
  • Radars will make the tag appear for you, receivers will pick up your team mates radar readings, and jammers will block enemy radars from placing a tag on you.

Alignment Rectifier

This new cube will active after a few seconds of being still. You can then press a button to release a pulse that will push your robot. Hold the button for longer to get a more powerful pulse. These cubes are supposed to help if your robot is stuck or flipped upside down.


Electroplates are new “cubes”, or rather elements to build with. They act as normal armor platers and on top of that they have energy shields over them. When you take damage, it is first absorbed by the shields, and if you can avoid taking damage for 15 seconds, they regenerate.  An electroplate can absorb the full blast of a plasma cannon of the same level. They can also absorb a lot of railgun damage, which should help prevent one-hit kills.

Time to come back!!

Whew it’s been a long time since I first played, glad I could come back to the game, fully 🙂

It’s looking better than ever, I love the new features. I think I’m gonna build a flying robot this time and kick some ass lol.


See you guys in the game!

Welcome to Robocraft Daily!

Robocraft Logo

The game I want to talk about is Robocraft. It is a new title, created by freejam which is an indie developer company. I played it for a couple of weeks, and really enjoyed it, I must say. It’s screaming “innovation!!” right at us 🙂

Since this is my first post I mostly wanted to say hello guys 🙂 lol.

For a brief introduction I’m a 19 years old new-blood Robocraft enthusiast from Turkey. For those of you who have no idea what the heck this game is, it’s basically a mix of robot battles and minecraft lol. You create your own battle machines from cubes… actually well there are many other elements but that’s the general idea. You can place guns, armor, etc on your robot. You can also build flying machines!

Robocraft revolves around battling other players, solo or in teams. It’s fun 🙂 Expect more stuff on this blog soon!