Essential Tips for Beginners

Okay I got asked to write this here we go. A compilation of some essential tips for beginners 🙂

Use lasers for your first robot (easier to operate imo)
Build a ground vehicle first (flying ones are hard to operate)
Build something that won’t easily flip over (lol yes it’s a problem for newbies)
Put plenty of armor around the block under your pilot cabin thingie
Fight in a group, hide behind ppl with plenty of armor if needed
Try to stay far from your target
Ram ppl lol. You can flip them and attack their immobilized robot

Have fun guys 🙂


Robocraft Hacks and Cheats

Cheating in Robocraft was much more prominent in its early stages but it’s definitely not dead, oh no.

If you search on the internet for robocraft hacks or cheats you’ll see plenty of them. The sad part is most of them are fake 😦 or maybe that’s actually good haha. Otherwise everyone would break the damn game.

I know for a fact some of the top elite players cheat their way to the top. And they stay there ofc 🙂 they use the tools in such a clever way that no one else notices! By giving themselves just that little bit of advantage. Some of them go nuts though haha maybe you’ve seen such guys.

Anyway, point is, I want to spare you the trouble of looking for a working hack. I figured what most ppl look for is increasing cpu, or getting premium and money. That’s easily done with this tool. Just fire it up on your pc and… well damn I’m sure you can figure it out lol.

I’ve been using it myself, I won’t lie. I didn’t do much but it appears to be safe sooo… and it’s obviously working that’s why I posted it.

Have fun hacking haha enjoy guys!